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Nudging consumers to try plant-based hot dogs and milk, one bite/sip at a time

Earlier this year, we featured a pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam that aims to ease patrons into plant-based food and drinks by following a 60% vegetable, 40% animal-based model, including serving a blend of oat milk and cow's milk. This week, we spotted two brands following similar, ease-into-it strategies.

In Sweden, convenience chain Pressbyrån launched what might be the most innovative hot dog ever. Aptly named 'The Transition Hot Dog,' the creation guides consumers from meat to plant in five bites: one end of the sausage is made entirely of meat, the middle is a meat-plant mix, and the other end is wholly plant-based. The sausage was developed by Swedish alt-meat brand Peas of Heaven and sold in select Pressbyrån outlets.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, oat milk brand Boring is urging dairy diehards to 'quit the tit.' To help them wean off "tit milk, teat spray, maternal nectar, udder juice or whatever you want to call it," Boring offers a (currently sold-out) Quit Kit containing a measuring cup, a bottle of Boring oat milk and a carton of long-life cow's milk. By combining the two and shifting the ratio to Boring day by day, customers can gradually acquaint themselves with alt-milk.

Side by side: carton of 'tit milk', measuring cup and green bottle of Boring oat milk

Trend Bite

Both Boring and Pressbyrån are taking a playful approach to persuading resistant and on-the-fence consumers to sample plant-based alternatives to the products they know and love. No need to go cold tofurkey, the message is — just give it a go and see what you think.

Considering meat and dairy production's massive contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, every plant-based bite and sip matters in reducing environmental harm. Whether you're in the food industry or market other products — how will your brand convince customers to try greener alternatives, even if they seem set in their ways?