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Pop-up restaurant SixtyForty translates 60/40 protein goals into lattes and burgers

SixtyForty, a new restaurant in Amsterdam, has come up with a novel way of bringing climate goals to the dining table. The restaurant follows a 60% vegetable, 40% animal-based food model, serving dishes like locally-raised beef and meat-free oyster mushroom croquettes.

In addition to regular oat milk, SixtyForty offers a blend of 60% oat milk and 40% cow's milk to gradually introduce cappuccino and latte drinkers to plant-based alternatives. Similarly, homemade granola comes with a blend of Greek dairy yogurt and coconut yogurt.

The restaurant's strategy was inspired by a plan backed by the Dutch government. In the Netherlands, protein consumption is currently at 60/40 animal to plant-based. Protein transition initiatives like the Green Protein Alliance aim to flip that ratio to 40/60 in 2030, with an intermediate step of 50/50 in 2025.

SixtyForty is open all summer and will soon introduce a transitional burger made with 60% plant-based meat substitutes and 40% beef.

Trend Bite

Positioning itself as a transition point, SixtyForty creates an open and inviting space for dialogue about the shift toward plant-based proteins. Even its name serves as a conversation starter about the need for dietary change for climate, health and animal welfare.

While SixtyForty's approach is less sustainable than going vegan, it presents a stepping-stone in the shift away from animal proteins. By not entirely rejecting meat and dairy but reducing their use instead, SixtyForty eases patrons into the experience of plant-based eating. How could your brand's products or services function as gentle on-ramps to mindful consumption?