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In Sweden, an office in the woods is powered by an electric Hyundai

On the island of Värmdö, just a short drive outside Stockholm, lies a small wooden cabin built as a (not too) remote office. It's off-grid, and located on the edge of a forest. At Sweden's northerly latitude, solar panels wouldn't supply much power, especially in autumn and winter.

Instead, the cabin is hooked up to a Hyundai IONIQ5. The car's Vehicle-To-Load function turns it into a massive power bank, providing enough electricity to power a heat pump, refrigerator, espresso machine, wifi and more. With enough juice left to get its remotely working driver back home. Dubbed Today's Office, the cabin was commissioned by Hyundai, using Studio Puisto's 9m2, modular Space of Mind unit.

Trend Bite

At COP26, countries and carmakers set the unambitious goal of going all-electric by 2040. While some states and nations are addressing that lack of urgency with their own, more expeditious targets, consumer demand is likely to outpace government mandates.

Most people can't afford an office in the woods, but Hyundai's car-powered cabin demonstrates that electric vehicles have benefits beyond quitting fossil fuels. To get consumers to make more sustainable purchases, explain how your product will improve their lives in ways they may not have imagined. And yes — showing still beats telling ;-)