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Opening doors to green jobs, EY and Microsoft offer free course and Green Skills Passport

EY and Microsoft have unveiled the Green Skills Passport, an educational offering for people aged 16 and over. The free program aims to build knowledge and skills vital for the growing green job market through an interactive, self-paced online course. 

In 10–12 hours, the Green Skills Passport covers sustainability, entrepreneurship and employability skills. EY curates learning paths on Microsoft's Community Training platform and integrates material from university-level modules on Coursera and EdX. On completion, users receive a co-branded certificate from EY and Microsoft.

Pilot programs in the US, India and Bangladesh garnered over 1,400 course completions, with 61% of participants planning to apply for green jobs and 43% aiming to take additional related classes or enroll in a university degree in sustainability.

Trend Bite

The International Labor Organization predicts that 24 million green jobs will be created by 2030, including 2.5 million roles in renewable energy and 6 million in the circular economy (recycling, repairs, rentals, remanufacturing, etc). EY and Microsoft designed their Green Skills Passport to prepare a wide range of people for that market; the initiative aims for NGOs to use the platform to empower underserved communities with new employment skills. 

While a short course won't make a world of difference, it can open up perspectives, get participants thinking about fresh opportunities and build their understanding of climate change and sustainable industries. What could your brand do to help people respond to the evolving demands of the job market in a new, greener economy?

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