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Pizza Express transforms London restaurant into Vegan Express

Back in June, Burger King converted one of its Cologne locations into a vegan restaurant. Now, Pizza Express is doing the same in London — its Aldwych branch has been rebranded Vegan Express. 

The British restaurant chain, which operates around 400 locations, has steadily been adding plant-based options to its menu. Its launching of Vegan Express coincides with the introduction of vegan versions of classic offerings, including a jackfruit pepperoni pizza that it worked on for over a year, according to Food & Beverage Director Jane Treasure.

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An exact time frame hasn't been announced, but much like Burger King's meatless pop-up, Vegan Express is slated to be a temporary affair. While that's disappointing to some vegan and plant-forward consumers, others are calling out for Pizza Express to expand vegan options at all of its restaurants, instead of making a statement with just one London store. Either way, it's progress. And it's also no wonder that makers of dairy-free mozzarella — Numu and Formo, to name just two recent recipients — are pulling in massive funding ;-)