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Renouncing ageism, The Body Shop changes name of bestselling serum

Youth equals beauty, right? Long held as indisputable, that formula has deep roots in society. And it's been used to market innumerable beauty products. A bottle of Drops of Youth serum by The Body Shop sells every 23 seconds.

Despite that bestseller status, The Body Shop is ditching the name as it takes a stance against ageism. Drops of Youth has been reformulated to contain more of its star ingredient, which now also lends its name to the product line: Edelweiss.

In the brand's own words, "We're ripping up beauty industry norms and shifting the dial from youth to strength."

Trend Bite

The global anti-aging market was valued at USD 60 billion in 2021 and is estimated to double by 2030. But those impressive sales are tied to a gendered ageism that's increasingly facing resistance from consumers seeking broader representation.

For every industry and brand that relies on youthful faces and bodies to market products: time to embrace a new set of ideals centered around inclusivity, wellness, strength and resilience?