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Shift's group sessions help individuals take action to shrink their carbon footprint

Faced with the enormity of the climate crisis, figuring out how to respond as an individual can be overwhelming to the point of paralysis. Recognizing this challenge, non-profit startup Shift has developed a 12-week program of group sessions for people who are eager but unsure of how to make a difference.

The program is segmented into expert-led online sessions focused on distinct areas of sustainable living. It offers practical guidance on lowering a household's carbon footprint, covering topics from sustainable eating to home energy efficiency. For those deterred by the cost and complexity of green home upgrades or uncertain how to cook eco-friendlier meals, Shift provides both a roadmap and a sounding board. Moreover, the sessions help build climate conversation skills, enabling participants to initiate and navigate impactful discussions.

Amsterdam-based Shift ran pilots in 2022 and is now hosting several programs a year, with the next one starting in September 2023. Each series is open to up to 20 participants.

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By focusing on concrete solutions, Shift empowers individuals to transform their anxieties about climate change into meaningful, everyday actions. And by connecting with like-minded peers, participants gain a sense of shared purpose.

While the onus of combating climate change falls on governments and corporations, the power of informed and motivated individuals should not be overlooked. Governments and corporations are staffed by people, and the more knowledgeable and empowered those citizens become, the more likely they are to steer their employers towards acting with greater urgency.

Shift addresses the crucial gap between the intent to act and the ability to do so effectively. One for brands to sponsor or partner with?