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Silent treatments to gender-affirming workshops: Lush's HairLab aims to restyle the salon

Lush, best known for its bath bombs and stance against animal testing, is opening a hair salon in Brighton. Following the success of wash and styling treatments in Liverpool, home to the brand's largest store, the new Lush HairLab in Brighton will offer more than cuts and color.

According to Lush, the UK's hairdressing sector produces enough waste yearly to fill 50 football stadiums. HairLab aims to tackle the issue by recycling elements typically discarded, like aluminum foil and dye tubes, and repurposing hair cuttings, which have uses ranging from absorbing oil spills to fertilizing crops.

But HairLab's innovations extend beyond sustainability. A botanical wash room, for instance, offers patrons a multisensory experience, combining light, sound and Lush's hair care products. Clients can opt for no-mirror or silent treatments or visit during quiet hours when music and lighting are turned down. Community events will include transmasculine shaving workshops. Lush's Brighton HairLab is set to open on Trafalgar Street in the autumn of 2023.

Trend Bite

Individually, the services and processes Lush will introduce at its Brighton HairLab aren't new. What's novel is how holistic the brand's approach is. Instead of experimenting with one or two innovations, Lush is braiding multiple strands of forward-thinking practices: reducing waste, providing multisensory wellness, demonstrating a commitment to racial and gender diversity, catering to neurodiverse folks and using natural ingredients to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

The next time your organization rethinks its offerings, could you get ambitious and push for innovation on every front?

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom