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Singapore's Flash Coffee chain defaults to oat milk in a #SipForChange

Last week, Flash Coffee announced that oat milk is now the default for all of its milk-based beverages, from Yuan Yang Latte to Iced Salted Caramel Macchiato. The move comes at no extra cost to customers and is the first step in the Singapore coffee chain's #SipForChange initiative.

Flash Coffee is partnering with Oatside, which produces plant-based milk in Bandung, Indonesia using local spring water and Australian oats. The coffee brand is pitching its switch to Oatside as 'Better for flavor, better for the planet, better for you.' Making oat milk its default not only aligns with Flash Coffee's sustainability goals but also takes advantage of the perceived health benefits of non-dairy milks, helping it appeal to a broader consumer base. (Lactose intolerance is widespread in Asian countries.)

In addition to its 24 stores in Singapore, Flash Coffee is active in Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and South Korea, with plans to expand across Asia Pacific. Its launch of oat-by-default is accompanied by a giveaway of eco-friendly stickers with each purchase, encouraging customers to showcase their commitment to sustainable sipping.

Trend Bite

As reported by Green Queen, Flash Coffee decided to push oat milk to the forefront following enthusiastic customer response when surcharges for plant-based were temporarily waived during promotions. Stores saw a surge in sales of oat milk-based drinks while those campaigns ran, and the uptick continued after they ended.

Which sustainable (or less harmful) options could your brand set as the default, ensuring that it's affordable and effortless for people to consume consciously?