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UK retailer Sports Direct releases Ramadan podcast for runners

To encourage Muslims to keep training while fasting, Sports Direct has produced a podcast about running during the month of Ramadan. Last year, a survey of 18 to 35-year-old Muslims — commissioned by the sporting goods retailer — revealed that over 80% of respondents were concerned about exercising safely during Ramadan, with 29% stating they lacked information on how to train safely.

The new podcast aims to offer support and encouragement in four weekly episodes. Guests from the British Muslim community — athletes, a sports journalist and an actor — speak about their own experiences and offer tips and advice for working out safely during Ramadan. They talk about faith, about laying off high-intensity training, about discipline and mindset as commonalities between fasting and sports, about lacing up after the sun sets.

Fast Enough: Ramadan Running is hosted by taekwondo athlete Lutalo Muhammad and the final episode comes out on 25 April 2022.


Promoting equality and inclusivity — in sports and elsewhere — means embracing people's entire lived experiences. In the run-up to next year's holy month, time to think about how your brand can show empathy and support for your Muslim audience?

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