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Step-by-step MagnusCards guide Huntington Bank's neurodiverse clients

Flashcards and plenty of other tools exist to help neurodiverse children build everyday skills, but those structured aids are less available to adults. Magnusmode aims to fill that gap with MagnusCards: digital cards that provide audio, text and visual tutorials for routine tasks.
Helping the full spectrum of its banking customers access the services they need, US bank Huntington has now partnered with Toronto-based Magnusmode for a set of cards that show users how to perform banking tasks. Using the free MagnusCards app, clients can access step-by-step instructions for activities like depositing a check, opening a savings account and using a debit card.

Other brands offering MagnusCards include Whirlpool Canada, which announced its partnership with Magnusmode in October 2022 by introducing ten sets of cards that break down common kitchen and laundry tasks like loading a dishwasher and washing clothes.

Trend Bite

Other MagnusCards sets feature support for navigating public transportation, shopping, healthcare and school with greater independence. The app provides a low-barrier way for any brand to step up its accessibility efforts and accommodate and empower those who move through the world differently.

While initially developed for people with autism — inspired by instructions founder Nadia Hamilton drew for her brother Troy when they were kids — MagnusCards is also helpful to those with Down syndrome, acquired brain injuries, dementia and other cognitive issues. That's one of the benefits of good (universal) design — it tends to benefit a wider audience than initially targeted. More on that in our free OMNIBILITY trend briefing!