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Supporting Muslims as they fast, a browser extension blocks food pics until the sun sets

In a gesture of solidarity with Singapore's Muslim community, creative agency UltraSuperNew has launched a Chrome extension called FoodBlocker. Fasting during Ramadan is a means of spiritual purification, an act of worship and an exercise of self-restraint. But for Muslims who spend much of their days online, ubiquitous images of mouthwatering dishes can feel like an unnecessary challenge to their resolve.

Recognizing the constant temptation posed by food ads and culinary content online, UltraSuperNew's FoodBlocker automatically hides all food-related photos from users' browsers during fasting hours, replacing them with images that read 'Food looks better after sunset.' Besides being a clever hack that supports the Muslim community, the initiative is an empathic acknowledgment of the discipline required to abstain from sunrise to sunset, from suhoor to iftar. FoodBlocker can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store free of charge.

Gif showing food photos on a website being blocked with a 'Food looks better after sunset' graphic