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Thule's new air-purifying stroller canopy shields babies from pollution

Babies and children take in more polluted air than adults — they're closer to the ground and to exhaust fumes, have a faster breathing rate and are more likely to breathe through their mouths. Throw in the fact that their lungs and other organs are still developing, and it's clear that poor air quality has an outsized impact on the very young. 

Thule — a Swedish brand that makes bike and roof racks for cars, rooftop tents, luggage and strollers — is offering a solution for parents worried about the effects of air pollution on their offspring. Launching this month is the Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy, an accessory that slots onto Thule's Shine stroller. The canopy uses quiet fans and HEPA filters to suck in dirty air and release a purified breeze around the baby, providing 150 liters of filtered air every minute.

An accompanying app displays air quality inside and outside the stroller and alerts parents when it's time to replace the filter. The system Thule uses was developed by Bubl, also from Sweden, which debuted its standalone air purifier for strollers in 2022. The Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy has a suggested retail price of EUR 499.95, with the stroller itself selling for EUR 699.95.

Baby stroller with graphics showing pollutants being trapped

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People around the globe — especially those living in cities — are growing ever more aware of the toxic impacts of their environment, including the air they breathe. The real solution would be to drastically cut pollution, not introduce a stroller canopy that only few can afford (or, say, air-purifying headphones). 

But given the situation we're in, consumers will welcome innovations that protect them and their loved ones from seen and unseen harms — products that deliver an immediate reprieve from a world that feels out of one's control.