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Using AI, Endel transforms album by The Blaze into sleep soundscapes for city dwellers

The relentless din of urban environments can wreak havoc on sleep quality and mental wellbeing. To help city dwellers find respite, Berlin-based 'AI sound wellness company' Endel has teamed up with French electronic music duo The Blaze to transform their latest album, Jungle, into functional audio optimized for better rest.

Using sound masking principles to block out disruptive environmental noise, Endel reworked Jungle's original tracks into two distinct sleep-supporting soundscapes: one for winding down before bed and another for falling asleep. In addition to ambient versions of Dreamer, Lullaby, Bloom and Dust, the sleep album includes four white noise tracks.

Trend Bite

This isn't the first time Endel has transformed a regular musical release into functional audio. In 2023, the company partnered with R&B artist 6LACK to convert his latest album into tracks aimed at helping listeners sleep or focus. Endel also signed a deal with Universal Music Group in May 2023 to apply the same techniques to new releases as well as the label's catalog.

Next up: smart buildings that dynamically adjust their sound environment based on time of day, noise pollution levels and resident preferences? Customizable sound zones within open-plan offices, allowing employees to select a zone that matches their work needs, from deep focus to collaborative brainstorming?

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