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Translating in real-time, Waverly Labs provides subtitles for in-person transactions

Foreign films can be subtitled, but what happens when customers and businesses don't speak the same language? To fill that gap, translation tech startup Waverly Labs has created Subtitles — a counter-top screen that provides real-time translation for in-person interactions.

After a user selects their language, everything they and the person on the other side of the screen say is captured and translated within a few seconds, appearing as text on the opposite person's screen. The tool combines speech recognition and machine translation in 20 languages and 42 dialects, and is fast enough to facilitate fluid conversations.

Besides handling bilingual communication, Subtitles can also be used to connect with those who are hearing impaired.

Easily installed on counters and desks, Subtitles is targeting customer interactions everywhere from retail to hotels and banks to hospitals. All it requires is a wifi connection and a power outlet. Subtitles made its debut at CES 2022 and will be rolled out in Q2 2022.



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If someone speaks a different language or is hearing impaired, it's all too easy for spoken information to run into barriers. By using a service like Subtitles to insert digital smarts into physical interactions, brands can both make daily transactions run more smoothly, and build stronger relationships with each and every one of their customers.