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With avatars and a Roblox game, Dove champions diversity and real beauty in gaming

Skincare brand Dove just launched a Roblox game, which it claims is the first designed specifically to help girls combat negative self-esteem. Super U Story is situated at a school where players dodge and destroy poisonous negativity by finding their unique superpowers of flight, fire, water or speed. 

Developed by female-founded gaming studio Toya, Super U Story is part of a broader set of commitments Dove is making to challenge the representation of girls, women and beauty in gaming. The brand also teamed up with Epic Games's Unreal Engine and Women in Games to promote a more diverse range of video game characters that represent real women and real beauty. 

The coalition is building a collection of character art that developers can use free of charge. It's also launching a Real Beauty in Games training program, which will help developers and designers learn how to avoid unconscious bias when creating avatars and characters.

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According to Dove, "74% of girls wish the characters in video games looked more like women in real life." While progress has been made to make game characters more representative of those who play, females are still often portrayed as hyper-sexualized creatures, and game characters are far from diverse. By creating a coalition of industry experts, Dove can help push for continuous improvement. Who can you partner with to advance a cause close to your brand's heart and make real change happen?