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With Greenprints, ScottsMiracle-Gro introduces blueprints for making yards water-wise

As escalating global temperatures push water scarcity to the fore, lawn and garden care company ScottsMiracle-Gro is prompting homeowners to rethink their yards. Working with landscape designer John Gidding, SMG just introduced Greenprints: a series of garden designs that focus on minimizing water use through xeriscaping.

Five drought-friendly Greenprints will be released: two in August and another three in September 2023. Each is tailored to different climates types in the US and the native species of plants that best suit those regions. Consumers can access the designs through and customize them for full property overhauls or smaller projects. Greenprints can also be uploaded to the landscape design app iScape, allowing users to visualize their future gardens.

Trend Bite

Mexico's government is seeding clouds to induce rainfall; drought is causing mass migration from Iran's countryside to its cities; Uruguay is running out of potable water; 300,000 people in Southern France have seen their taps run dry this week — around the world, freshwater supplies are under threat. And since irrigation of lawns and gardens accounts for a substantial portion of household water use, making yards water-wise is a meaningful way for individuals to stop wasting H20.

Ashley Bachmann, vice president of lawns marketing at ScottsMiracle-Gro explains the reasoning behind the brand's Greenprints initiative: "We're hoping to demystify xeriscaping so DIYers everywhere can take the inspiration and run with it, making a positive change for their homes, their communities and the environment." How could your brand simplify water-saving measures that consumers can implement?