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With paid fellowships, Re:wild Your Campus helps students restore school grounds

Once the domain of manicured lawns, college grounds are seeing a shift towards biodiversity and soil health. Re:wild Your Campus aims to accelerate that trend by providing student activists with the necessary tools.

The program runs a remote, paid student fellowship that supports student activists seeking to eliminate synthetic herbicides and help their schools transition to organic land management. Participants are provided with training as well as resources to build on-campus campaigns as they work alongside groundskeepers to create healthier spaces around their schools. In 2023, the fellowship will back 20 students across 11 college campuses in 10 states.

Re:wild your Campus started in Berkeley in 2017 as Herbicide-Free Campus and realized bans on toxic herbicides at every public university in California. In August 2022, the women-led effort merged with Re:wild to focus on the broader goal of rewilding campus grounds.

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Industrial practices have exhausted the earth's resources and are testing its limits — high time for relations between people and their planet to be repaired. Beyond rewilding campuses, the path forward for businesses and other organizations is clear: support internal and community efforts to restore the non-built environment you inhabit directly. Do the same for areas you profit from in regions and countries further afield. 

For more on how consumerism can go hand-in-hand with climate activism, check out our (free) TERRAPY briefing

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