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VodafoneZiggo's cable technicians zip around cities on electric scooters

Talk of improving last-mile logistics usually focuses on shipping. But the need to reach a customer's front door isn't limited to delivery companies. Another business trying to solve the challenges of moving through cities — traffic jams, parking woes, environmental impact — is Dutch telecoms operator VodafoneZiggo.

Instead of having cable technicians navigate city streets on four wheels, Ziggo is trialing electric kick scooters, which techs will use in combination with vans. They'll park outside a city and travel the last distance by hopping on a StapStep, the only electric scooter that's currently street legal in the Netherlands. Chargers installed in the vans will recharge scooters overnight.

The idea was conceived by technicians who were fed up with spending more time trying to find parking spots than doing actual cable maintenance. Ziggo is trialing last-mile e-scooters in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Apeldoorn, Lelystad and Maastricht. If the pilot is successful, rollout to other cities will follow.

Trend Bite

Individuals and businesses make sustainable choices to mitigate the climate crisis and do less harm to their environment. According to VodafoneZiggo, every kilometer by e-scooter reduces CO2 emissions by 99.3% compared to a diesel van. But CO2 reduction isn't directly visible.

However, the brand's micromobility move has immediate benefits, too: fewer vans means less parking frustration for employees and diminished traffic congestion for all. What's more, technicians get some fun and fresh air as well as exercise, since StapStep riders need to push off with their feet every eight seconds.

Conscious behavior isn't just about sacrifices, and embedding sustainability into business processes is soooo much easier if short-term rewards can sweeten the deal ;-)