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Rebind enriches classic books with layers of AI-powered context and conversation

Allowing readers to dive into the classics with renowned authors as their guides — that's the vision behind Rebind, a new publishing platform that could give well-known books an AI-fueled rebirth. To create those immersive experiences, Rebind extensively interviews luminaries like John Banville, Roxanne Gay and Bill McKibben about a literary work. That material forms the basis for conversational, AI-powered interactions.

As readers make their way through a book, they can pause at any moment to engage the expert, or 'Rebinder,' in a chat, asking questions and receiving contextual insights drawn from hours of recordings. It's like having a book club discussion seamlessly woven into the reading experience. Rebind is banking on people wanting a guided, interactive journey through potentially daunting literary texts. While some might balk at inserting technology into the natural flow of reading, Rebind believes its platform can make the classics more accessible without diluting their depth.

📚 By funneling insights from human experts into dynamic AI interactions, Rebind creates a context-rich layer for traditional books. The startup, which is currently in beta — is focused on contemporary thinkers providing commentary on older, public-domain works. But one can imagine branching out to authors expanding on their own writing or workshopping a draft, celebrities discussing their favorite reads, or stellar educators bringing textbooks to life. Competition for people's attention is fierce — Rebind hints at immersive ways for the written word to lure them back.

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