Google Singapore, University of Amsterdam and More: TrendWatching’s September Gigs

As we career into Q4, TrendWatching analysts have been busy delivering the latest purpose-driven insights to clients across the globe. From Sustainable Brands Turkey to Google in Singapore, September was a riot of client reports, workshops and keynotes. And yes, there were even a few IRL events in the mix – long may they continue! Here’s just a few of the client gigs we executed last month:


A handful of TrendWatching's September gigs...


University of Amsterdam – Senior Trend Analyst Erick Smet and Trend Analyst Victoria Chapman presented a keynote on our purpose-driven methodology illustrated by 5-8 key consumer trends to students at the University of Amsterdam. 

Sustainable Brands Turkey – The theme of this year’s conference was regeneration, and who better to present than Thomas Klaffke, TrendWatching’s Head of Research and the brains behind Business of Purpose.

Hogeschool van Amsterdam – Trend Analyst Camilla van Grembergen returned to her alma mater, along with fellow Analysts Erick and Franziska, to launch the minor in Global TrendWatching for students at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. 

Google Singapore – Vicki Loomes and Erick Smet, two Senior Trend Analysts, presented a series of keynotes to employees in Google’s Singapore office. 

Scotland Food & Beverage – Vicki also presented on the most important trends impacting the UK’s Food & Beverage industry at a conference for Scotland Food & Drink in Edinburgh.


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