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PickupMyPeriod app helps users find free tampons and pads in Scotland

In November 2020, Scotland became the first country to make period products free by law. Now, to help connect those freely available tampons and pads with the people who need them, social enterprise Hey Girls has launched PickupMyPeriod. 

The app directs users to the nearest place that offers free period products, allowing them to filter by type of product, location and accessibility — for example, tampons in a wheel-chair accessible office. A second part of the app uses flashcards to provide menstrual health education. Development was supported by the Scottish government.

Trend Bite

PickupMyPeriod is the latest step in combatting period poverty and promoting period dignity. 2021 saw a number of global wins, from Namibia eliminating the tampon tax to New Zealand requiring all schools to provide free products for students.

While government legislation is crucial, brands have a role to play, too — take Lidl Ireland becoming the world's first major retailer to offer free pads and tampons

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Spotted by: Thomas Klaffke