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At a Burger King in Vienna, plant-based burgers offered as the default

A few weeks ago, Burger King conducted an experiment at its Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel restaurant in Vienna. When ordering their meal, customers were asked whether they wanted the standard version, or meat: "Normal, oder mit Fleisch?"

Rather than requiring customers to ask for a plant-based burger or a faux-chicken sandwich, Burger King presented those options as the default, with non-vegan or vegetarian items offered as meat-based. Filmed responses range from irritation to approval, with most customers confused by the cashier's question.

No word yet on whether Burger King will turn its 'new normal' experiment into standard operating procedure at other outlets. For now, viewers of its online menu still need to scroll past beef and chicken to get to veggie.


"I'll try plant-based."

Trend Bite

Burger King has always been a meat-centric operation — its main offering, after all, is ground beef on a bun. But the brand is responding to a clear shift in customer demand. The campaign followed news that one in three Whoppers sold in Belgium is now the plant-based version made with a meatless patty by The Vegetarian Butcher.

While Burger King questions whether meat is actually 'normal', how can your brand prompt customers to reflect on what they consider to be their default options?