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Dog food brand Wilder Harrier sets up community pet pantries and invites others to join in

The rising cost of living has had far-reaching effects on families, including those with pets. Dog food brand Wilder Harrier is addressing the issue by launching a new resource program — the Canadian company is setting up community pet pantries. Starting off in Toronto in June 2023, the first batch of locations includes dog-friendly brewery Black Lab Brewing and Tiny's General Store.

Similar to the little free libraries that have spread worldwide, the pantries act as donation centers where people can take what they need or leave what they can. In addition to unexpired packs of pet food, donations of lightly used toys, leashes and other necessities are also welcome.

To expand the concept, Wilder Harrier is encouraging pet lovers to create their own pantries across Canada. It offers guidelines and incentives to businesses and individuals interested in setting up a donation station on their property. After building or buying a pantry, hosts share photos with Wilder Harrier. The brand then adds the new location to its network and its organizers can request a free box of kibble and treats (with a retail value of CAD 147.90) for their initial stock-up.

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Pet food pantries aren't new — they regularly pop up through the efforts of individuals and local animal protection societies, and were one way of alleviating pet owners' financial struggles during the pandemic. By adopting and sharing the concept, and linking it to its own brand and products, Wilder Harrier could bring it to many more locations.

The move doesn't just reflect how businesses are becoming more socially responsive to the economic realities of their customer base. It also demonstrates the power of developing a community-based strategy; Wilder Harrier is actively seeking to collaborate with local shops and neighborly folks to alleviate the financial burdens of pet ownership. Could your brand initiate a similar mutual aid approach to help strengthen communities and mitigate economic challenges?