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Make → Shift | NICHE NETS

What happens when niche culture goes mainstream?

Make → Shift | NORM-NUDGING

Why it's time to create beneficial butterfly effects


Brands work with collectives for greater accountability


Get people talking with barter-based initiatives

Make → Shift | BEYOND WORDS

Venture into the metaverse with initiatives that hit different.

Make → Shift | 22 FOR 22

22 business opportunities for 2022. Consider this your purpose-driven manual for the year ahead.

Make → Shift | ACCLIMATORS

Safeguard the future with innovations that take the edge off global warming.

Make → Shift | IN-FLUENCERS

Flip your brand inside out. Show the heart of your company, literally.

Make → Shift | LABEL-LED

The future of conscious consumerism? It’s a matter of facts.

Make → Shift | SYNCHRONOS

How to succeed in the race against time (P.S. It’s not all about speed)

Make → Shift | OMNIBILITY

The new social justice frontier? Accessibility. Get ready to turn barriers into innovations.

Make → Shift | MINDCRAFT

Emotional resilience doesn't just happen overnight. Equip tomorrow’s consumers with the mental tools needed to thrive in an uncertain future.

Make → Shift | TERRAPY

In 2021, healing the earth will become everyone’s business. Here’s how to prepare for the regenerative revolution. (Yes, it really is as good as it sounds.)

Make → Shift | 21 Trends for 21

A selection of opportunities to help you imagine and build new products, services and campaigns that will have a purposed impact in 2021 and beyond.

Make → Shift | The Fight for Facts

Consumers globally are trying to arm themselves with knowledge. As the line between fact and fake blurs, they'll expect all brands – not just in media – to take action.

Make → Shift | HANDS OFF... BUT HUMAN

Roll out innovations that are Hands Off...But Human! That not only consider health but also make consumers' social lives even better and more meaningful than they were before.

Make → Shift | BOLD PIVOTS

In response to unprecedented change, some brands are going beyond minor tweaks to make BOLD PIVOTS – redefining ‘business as usual’ for their organizations.

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