Virtual Sign Language and Liquefied Levi's: Inside tw:in's February Newsletter

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1. 🇮🇳Project translates sign language to non-sign language users during video calls 

This web plugin uses motion recognition technology to accurately identify and translate sign language in video calls. Once identified, the signs are translated into the recipient’s chosen language and displayed as subtitles. Here’s what our community member, Marie-Michele Larivee has to say: 


Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 10.02.25"Project Signify highlights the potential of technology in the corporate world for a diverse workforce. Conversations about inclusive workspaces, in the last few years, have been centralized around physical places and this project highlights how there’s still much work to be done (and opportunities to be had) in the world of remote work."



2. 🇸🇪 Levi’s recycled Jeans made from liquefied old jeans fibers

The iconic denim retailer is working with Swedish company Renewcell to redefine the meaning of upcycled fashion.

Spotted by Emilie Belis



3. 🇧🇷 First beer with 100% recycled glass packaging in Brazil

The beverage brand Colorado is making strides towards a more circular economy by completely avoiding the use of raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Spotted by Deborah Tazima 



4. 🇫🇮 Golf ball packaging that takes on a second life as an insect hotel

This innovative packaging concept helps to keep soil healthy by providing a welcoming home for insects after it’s been discarded.

Spotted by Nina Hiukkanen


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