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Market Logic publish automotive insights from...

By The TrendWatching Team, 31 October 2019
On Wednesday, 30 October, Market Logic published speed to insights in the automotive industry in collaboration with Lead Innovation Architect Delia Dumitrescu. Read here:
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TW featured in the FT's House & Home Section

By Sophie Caro, 12 October 2019
On Friday, 11 October, Global Head of Trends & Insights David Mattin was quoted in the Financial Times article: How will we live in the 2020s?
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TW offices close for Global #ClimateStrike

By The TrendWatching Team, 25 September 2019
On Tuesday, 24 September, TW offices worldwide closed to participate in the Global #ClimateStrike. Find out about events where you are, and information on how to organize your own strike:
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David and Vicki speak at NEXT in Hamburg

By Sophie Caro, 19 September 2019
On Wednesday, 18 September, Global Head of Trends & Insights David Mattin and Senior Trend Analyst Vicki Loomes took to the stage at the NEXT conference in Hamburg.
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DX report published in partnership with Tofugear

By Jareth, 10 September 2019
On Monday, 9 September, our Hong Kong content partner Tofugear published their Asian Digital Transformation Report, developed in collaboration with Microsoft Hong Kong and Singapore Retail Association.
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The Trends for 2020 kicks off in Sydney

By Jareth, 30 August 2019
On Thursday, 29 August, we were joined by 150+ future-focused trend professionals in Sydney to explore The Trends for 2020.
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David speaks at TEDxBucharest

By Jareth, 29 July 2019
On Thursday, 25 July, Global Head of Trends & Insights David Mattin took to the stage at TEDxBucharest to deliver a talk on emerging trends set to reshape the way we live in the 2020s.
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Delia and Vicki head to Stabio, Switzerland for...

By Jareth, 24 July 2019
On Tuesday, 23 July, Lead Innovation Architect Delia Dumitrescu and Senior Trend Strategist Vicki Loomes presented to executives from VF at their EMEA corporate office in Stabio, Switzerland.
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