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Get Inspired by 100s of Meaningful...

By Sophie Caro, 9 April 2020
Turbulent times call for meaningful innovativeness.
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TrendWatching Releases 10 Trends for a...

By Sophie Caro, 18 March 2020
On Monday, 16 March, TW published a free report on 10 trends radically accelerated by the coronavirus crisis.
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Future of Purpose in Amsterdam Rescheduled due...

By The TrendWatching Team, 18 March 2020
On Friday, 13 March, TW management made the difficult decision to reschedule our Amsterdam event on The Future of Purpose from Tuesday, 12th May to Wednesday, 2nd September.
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Delia Hosts First Tw:in CJM Session

By The TrendWatching Team, 12 March 2020
On Monday, 2nd March, Lead Innovation Artchitect Delia Dumitrescu hosted a webinar for members of TrendWatching's Insight Network on how to map trends & innovations to customer journey touch points and innovate on them using the Trend-Driven Customer ...
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TrendWatching Releases New IotD Template

By The TrendWatching Team, 12 March 2020
From Monday, 16th March, Innovation of the Day email newsletter readers will see a new template, designed to be easier to read, share and act on its insights with colleagues or clients.
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Nathania Presents to BBC in Singapore

By Sophie Caro, 11 March 2020
On Tuesday, 10th March, the Head of our Global Insight Network Nathania Christy presented 5 key Asia trends for 2020 to strategists at BBC Studios Singapore.
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Livia Heads to Amsterdam for Hogeschool

By Sophie Caro, 10 March 2020
On Monday, 9th March, Senior Trend Strategist Livia Fioretti met with students at The Hogeschool van Amsterdam to review their work with our Consumer Trend Canvas.
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TW Staffers Encouraged to WFH

By The TrendWatching Team, 2 March 2020
From Monday, 2nd March, TW staffers from our offices in London, Singapore and New York are encouraged to work from home, amid growing concerns around the developing Coronavirus situation.
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