Olympics Strike Gold and Lufthansa Goes Gender Neutral: Inside Tw:in’s August Newsletter

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tokyo olympic medals against black background

1. The Tokyo Olympics Strikes Gold with Recycled Medal Design

Here’s what our community member Djuana Stoakley had to say:

“The 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021 have been innovative in many ways. In fact, the vision of the Olympic committee was that this year's games be the most innovative Olympics ever. Notably, the medals that winning athletes receive are themselves innovative, as they are made from recycled electronics.

As we know, single-use electronics contribute to landfills across the globe. A recent trend has been to recycle our throwaway electronics, repurposing them for a variety of uses--from jewelry, to sculptures and more. So it’s good to know that The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is promoting sustainability in such an attractive and useful way!”



2. 🇬🇹The first solar-powered Tuk Tuk in Guatemala

The Tuk Tuk Solar 2021 prototype is completely mobilised by solar energy, making it a clean alternative to the motorcycle taxis which proliferate in Guatemala’s more vulnerable municipalities.

Shared by Ximena Matus.  



3. 🇬🇧Plant-based food for dogs that creates 43% less CO2 emissions

Is dog food the last frontier of veganism? With its plant-based kibbles, Edgard Cooper is blazing a path that more mainstream brands will surely follow.

Shared by Margaux & Louis Chalabi.



4. 🇩🇪Lufthansa’s airlines go gender-neutral with inclusive new greetings & forms

Wave goodbye to “hello, ladies and gentlemen”. Through making a handful of tiny tweaks to its cabin crew protocol, Lufthansa hopes to make all passengers feel welcomed – regardless of their gender identity.

Shared by Stijn Janssen.



5. 🇨🇴Bogotá Bank launches the country's first green card

Bogota Banl’s ‘Amazon Card’ holders donate 1% of the value of every purchase to Amazonian reforestation projects. It goes without saying that the card itself is made from recycled materials, of course.

Shared by Marcela Monge.


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