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The TrendWatching Team

The TrendWatching Team

How to Succeed in 2022? Embrace These Five Mega-Trends

By The TrendWatching Team, 12 January 2022

There’s no standard recipe for business success, but trends are a good place to start. We distilled countless data over the course of 2021, culminating in these five mega-trends – each of which featured in 22 for ‘22. Join us on 25th January for a free webinar in which our in-house experts will unpick the trends below, and offer up exclusive insights that didn’t quite make it into the final publication.

Mastercard, HP, Covestro and More: TrendWatching's November Gigs

By The TrendWatching Team, 17 December 2021

As we careered towards the end of the year, our schedule of Bespoke client gigs showed no signs of letting up. From a keynote presentation and workshop for Mastercard UK to a hands-on webinar for CEIN in Spain, here is an edited snapshot of what we got up to in November.

IAB Bulgaria, Universidad del Desarrollo and More: TrendWatching’s October Gigs

By The TrendWatching Team, 12 November 2021

We launched into Q4 2021 with gusto – helping clients and students across the globe to deliver on their purpose missions through a series of keynote presentations and hands-on workshops. From Chile to Bulgaria, here are some of our favourite gigs from last month.

Innovate With Purpose: TrendWatching’s COP26 Cheat Sheet

By The TrendWatching Team, 26 October 2021

As world leaders convene in Glasgow for COP26, we’ve pulled together a handy cheat sheet covering all of the conference’s key themes and, more importantly, how your brand can respond to them. We’re not just talking about charitable donations here, but meaningful business opportunities – trends and innovations that will disrupt Business as Usual (in a good way) and help position your brand as a purpose pioneer.

B Corp and Beyond: Which Sustainability Certification is Right for Your Brand?

By The TrendWatching Team, 20 October 2021

If you clicked on this, it’s likely you’ve already looked into sustainability certificates with your colleagues – hey, maybe you’ve even tuned into Purpose Talks?

How to Deliver Next-Level Innovations? Start With Your Internal Culture

By The TrendWatching Team, 19 October 2021

After over a year of comfortably working from home, it stands to reason that many people are feeling bummed out by the return of office-based work. Employees might be quitting their jobs in droves but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Three Shifts That Will Define the Decade (and How to Make the Most of Them)

By The TrendWatching Team, 11 October 2021

A few weeks ago, Livia Fioretti, a Senior Trend Analyst and Head of Academy here at TrendWatching, put together a Bespoke presentation for General Assembly Singapore in which she shared her predictions for the decade ahead. We’ve plucked a few of the key learnings from her deck and squashed them into a neat, five-minute read. 

Google Singapore, University of Amsterdam and More: TrendWatching’s September Gigs

By The TrendWatching Team, 1 October 2021

As we career into Q4, TrendWatching analysts have been busy delivering the latest purpose-driven insights to clients across the globe. From Sustainable Brands Turkey to Google in Singapore, September was a riot of client reports, workshops and keynotes. And yes, there were even a few IRL events in the mix – long may they continue! Here’s just a few of the client gigs we executed last month:

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