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The TrendWatching Team

The TrendWatching Team

TrendWatching Unpicks 2021’s Most Innovative...

By The TrendWatching Team, 25 June 2021
From Singapore to Sao Paulo (via Amsterdam), TrendWatching team members scattered across the globe share the 2021 Pride campaigns worth bookmarking. We’ve seen enough cringe-inducing Pride campaigns to know that getting it just right is no easy feat. As ...
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Global Offices Publish The Future of Purpose

By The TrendWatching Team, 26 February 2021
On Wednesday, 26 February, our global team released 3 consumer trends fueling the search for a more ethical and sustainable consumerism: SUSTAINABILITY AS A SERVICE, OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS and CODE BREAKERS. Read now:
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Max Confirmed to Speak at SB’20 Long Beach

By The TrendWatching Team, 24 February 2021
On Tuesday, 2 June, Director of Trends & Insights Maxwell Luthy will present cultural and business trends around social and environmental issues at SB’20 in Long Beach, California. More on Max's session here:
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TW Publishes Year-End Wrap

By The TrendWatching Team, 23 December 2020
Before TW offices worldwide close for the holidays, we've published a year-end wrap summarising our work and success in 2019.
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Coming Soon: TrendWatching Academy

By The TrendWatching Team, 20 October 2020
We will soon launch our Academy (‘The School of Meaningful Opportunity’) where you’ll be able to gain access to an unparalleled level of education in our Purpose-Driven Innovation (PDI) methodology.
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Introducing Purpose-Driven Innovation

By The TrendWatching Team, 12 October 2020
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Partnering with QGLUE in India

By The TrendWatching Team, 24 June 2020
We’ve partnered with QGLUE, the design and innovation venture of QAI to bring the Trend Driven Innovation Program to India for the first time ever.
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Future of Purpose in Amsterdam Rescheduled due...

By The TrendWatching Team, 18 March 2020
On Friday, 13 March, TW management made the difficult decision to reschedule our Amsterdam event on The Future of Purpose from Tuesday, 12th May to Wednesday, 2nd September.
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