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Thomas Klaffke

Thomas Klaffke

Head of Research

Business of Purpose 2022 Recap

By Thomas Klaffke, 29 November 2022

Take a look at the yearly overview of everything published by our sister publication, Business of Purpose.

From purpose-driven remote work structures to the role of business during crisis, exiting to community-ownership, self-managing organizations, the 4-day work week, and regenerative marketing.


Tackling the Purpose Gap

By Thomas Klaffke, 22 November 2022

Explore the purpose gap in this month’s issue by our sister publication, Business of Purpose. This latest article focuses on the intention-action gap of purpose-driven businesses and how companies can attempt to tackle this issue. Our colleague Franzi Füsting has developed a simple tool to guide and inspire businesses to turn purpose intention into action with The Purpose Circle.

Three Innovations Offering Post-Pandemic Consumers a Taste of Off-Grid Living

By Thomas Klaffke, 14 July 2021

In this Innovation of the Day roundup, we spotlight three brands that are handing production back to consumers, with simple hacks and exciting new services which make off-grid living easy.


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