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Thomas Klaffke

Thomas Klaffke

Head of Research

A radical rethink of management research

By Thomas Klaffke, 2 August 2023
This month’s issue by our sister publication, Business of Purpose, explores why a new and transformative approach to management research is needed to address climate change and the pressing need to evolve sustainability beyond the ‘business case’.
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The sustainable business blind spot

By Thomas Klaffke, 14 July 2023
Discover the latest insights in purpose-driven business strategies in this month's issue of Business of Purpose, our sister publication. From developing an equality strategy to establishing corporate political responsibility and the evolving role of the ...
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Curated collection of thought starters

By Thomas Klaffke, 14 June 2023
Check out the new issue by our sister publication, Business of Purpose. Read a curated collection of the most thought-provoking pieces from the last month – from the systems-driven school of purpose to a circular marketing framework and the foundations of ...
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Purpose Embedded

By Thomas Klaffke, 26 April 2023
Take a deep dive into how pioneering, purpose-driven businesses are enshrining their commitments to people and the planet into their DNA. This month’s edition of Business of Purpose, our sister publication, focuses on Patagonia and its announcement that ...
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Quitting Social Media

By Thomas Klaffke, 20 March 2023
Do you have a love-hate relationship with social media? This month’s dispatch from our sister publication Business of Purpose explores Lush's seemingly successful anti-social media strategy that completely changes how a big brand communicates with its ...
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Name Your Price: Sliding Scale Pricing

By Thomas Klaffke, 13 February 2023
Want to make a difference in the world and bring about economic justice? In the first issue of 2023, our sister publication, Business of Purpose, is diving into Sliding Scale Pricing and how it can boost accessibility, inclusion, and affordability while ...
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Business of Purpose 2022 Recap

By Thomas Klaffke, 29 November 2022
Take a look at the yearly overview of everything published by our sister publication, Business of Purpose. From purpose-driven remote work structures to the role of business during crisis, exiting to community-ownership, self-managing organizations, the ...
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Tackling the Purpose Gap

By Thomas Klaffke, 22 November 2022
Explore the purpose gap in this month’s issue by our sister publication, Business of Purpose. This latest article focuses on the intention-action gap of purpose-driven businesses and how companies can attempt to tackle this issue. Our colleague Franzi ...
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