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RCA's beyond the hype event

By Reinier Evers, 17 May 2023
Join our trend analyst Camilla Van Grembergen at RCA's Beyond the talks #2 event and find out how to choose the right trend wave to strengthen your brand. The event dives deep into business research to explore the importance of both a clear long-term vision ...
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Into the Miroverse 2023 nomination

By Joaquim Moody, 12 May 2023
We’re thrilled to share that the free Miro template for our Consumer Trend Canvas has been nominated for the Miroverse Choice Awards 2023 in the Brainstorming category. The winners will be announced live at Miro’s 3rd birthday celebration event - Into the ...
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Purpose Embedded

By Thomas Klaffke, 26 April 2023
Take a deep dive into how pioneering, purpose-driven businesses are enshrining their commitments to people and the planet into their DNA. This month’s edition of Business of Purpose, our sister publication, focuses on Patagonia and its announcement that ...
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Quitting Social Media

By Thomas Klaffke, 20 March 2023
Do you have a love-hate relationship with social media? This month’s dispatch from our sister publication Business of Purpose explores Lush's seemingly successful anti-social media strategy that completely changes how a big brand communicates with its ...
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Coming to a city near you!

By Giulia Bolzan, 28 February 2023
We’re beyond excited to announce the return of our flagship Trend Seminars. Join us between August 2023 and January 2024, to immerse yourself in a deeply curated day that celebrates all things trends, insights and innovation - with purpose at its heart.
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Name Your Price: Sliding Scale Pricing

By Thomas Klaffke, 13 February 2023
Want to make a difference in the world and bring about economic justice? In the first issue of 2023, our sister publication, Business of Purpose, is diving into Sliding Scale Pricing and how it can boost accessibility, inclusion, and affordability while ...
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Welcome back Robbie!

By Reinier Evers, 20 January 2023
We are excited to welcome Robbie Hodges back into our team as a Trend Analyst. Robbie worked at The Telegraph and SUITCASE Magazine, interviewing thought leaders and covering travel and lifestyle trends before moving to TrendWatching. After a brief period ...
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Winning in 2023 Retail

By Reinier Evers, 12 January 2023
Are you ready to tap into the desires of 2023 consumers? According to our trend insights featured by Forbes, consumers will seek out a sense of escape and hope in retail. By offering a glimpse of a better future, even if it's not entirely realistic, ...
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