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Explore MINDCRAFT: Read the articles behind our latest trend

By Robbie Hodges, 28 May 2021
Did our recent issue of Make→Shift pique your interest? Swot up on MINDCRAFT and plump your mental health toolkit with these articles and resources.

How to Identify (Truly) Global Trends: BBK Trends Forum, Bilbao

By Livia Fioretti, 27 May 2021
For our first IRL gig of the year, BBK invited Livia Fioretti, Head of tw:in, to share her insights on managing our global spotter’s network.

Our Premium clients just received May’s Industry Updates

By Sophie Caro, 19 May 2021
These quarterly reports, which cover 16 B2C industries, are available in in PDF and PPT format. Each report spotlights two trends that will be essential to navigating the sector over the coming months.

Business of Purpose's April Newsletter is Out

By Sophie Caro, 3 May 2021
To celebrate earth day, our sister company, Business of Purpose, carried out an exciting Earth Week edition of their monthly newsletter.

Our Latest Edition of Make→Shift is Live!

By Sophie Caro, 30 April 2021
In this month’s edition, we are talking about how tomorrow’s consumers are looking for ‘emotional workouts’ and mental strength-building tools that put them through their paces.

Camilla, Izzy and Robbie at Hult International Business School

By Sophie Caro, 30 April 2021
Camilla, Izzy and Robbie at Hult International Business School.

Our Academy is LIVE!

By Sophie Caro, 22 March 2021
Our course gives you access to tools and guidance from our analysts. It contains 10+ years of lessons we’ve learned ourselves in honing our end-to-end trend methodology.

Nia Joins Amdocs Experience Centre for an Online Session

By Sophie Caro, 12 March 2021
On March 10th, our Head of Academy, Nathania Christy, talked about innovation in the digital era in a session with Amdocs.