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We Took to Instagram to Answer your Questions About Make→Shift: OMNIBILITY

By Robbie Hodges, 27 June 2021

 We held an Instagram Q&A focused on Make→Shift: OMNIBILITY. Didn't catch it? Read this nifty excerpt or check out our IGTV section for the full interview.  


TrendWatching Unpicks 2021’s Most Innovative Pride Campaigns

By The TrendWatching Team, 25 June 2021

From Singapore to Sao Paulo (via Amsterdam), TrendWatching team members scattered across the globe share the 2021 Pride campaigns worth bookmarking. 


We’ve seen enough cringe-inducing Pride campaigns to know that getting it just right is no easy feat. As Pride month draws to a close, we asked TrendWatching team members in Amsterdam, London, Sao Paulo and Singapore to share a standout campaign from 2021’s bumper crop. 

Business as Usual? How to Help Consumers Overcome ‘Re-entry Syndrome’

By Bruna Boucinha, 23 June 2021

As we nudge towards the 'post-pandemic' era, do like these five brands and help anxious consumers get back out there. 


After more than a year dreaming about future realities, the rollout of vaccinations sparked a collective sense of hope. But now, as antibody-rich societies spring back to life, consumers are battling a new (albeit lesser) pandemic – reentry syndrome. While researching for Innovation of the Day, we spotted a cluster of businesses doing their bit to quell consumers’ anxiety about returning to ‘the new normal’. How can you help ease consumers back into public life? Take a leaf out of these brands’ books...

Put Accessibility First by Downloading Our OMNIBILITY Style Guide

By Robbie Hodges, 8 June 2021

While researching OMNIBILITY, we invited people with experience of disabilities to brainstorm with us and created a new appendix to our in-house style guide.

Pride Month: Five Forward-Thinking LGBTQ+ Initiatives You Should Know About

By Robbie Hodges, 8 June 2021

So you’re LGBTQ+ inclusive? Prove it. Level up your brand’s efforts this Pride month by taking a cue from these forward-thinking businesses and campaigns.

New Podcast? What to Expect from Season One of Purpose Talks

By Izzy Ahrbeck, 1 June 2021

Listen up. We’ve released a podcast – a series of 30-minute episodes, jam-packed with purpose-driven business inspiration and conversations with innovators from across the globe. Sounds too good to be true? You better believe it.

Explore MINDCRAFT: Read the articles behind our latest trend

By Robbie Hodges, 28 May 2021

Did our most recent issue of Make→Shift pique your interest? Swot up on MINDCRAFT and sharpen your mental health toolkit with these articles and trend resources.


How to Identify (Truly) Global Trends: BBK Trends Forum, Bilbao

By Livia Fioretti, 27 May 2021

For our first IRL gig of the year, BBK invited Livia Fioretti, Head of tw:in, to share her insights on managing our global spotter’s network.

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